IP Deed of Assignment

Why do you need one?

  • one of your most valuable assets is intellectual property
  • your co-founder or web developer has created the website or app
  • you want to ensure the ownership of that website or app is transferred to your start-up

What does it cover?

This short, two-page IP Deed of Assignment covers the basic requirements to ensure your start-up will own the intellectual property (IP) in your website or app.  

It contains:

  • a description of the technology that's been created
  • the transfer of IP in that technology to your company
  • warrantees by the creator of that technology

How to use this document:

Simply purchase and download the document (Word format), then insert some basic details where shown to complete it.

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Your developer owns the source code in your site. So make sure you get it transferred to your start-up!
— David Bushby, General Manager