Privacy Policy

Why do you need one?

  • you have a 'contact us' or subscription form on your website
  • you collect or share your client's history and preferences with employees, users or other businesses
  • you accept online payments
  • you intend to retain a customer database

What does it cover?

This short, three-page Privacy Policy covers how you will treat personal information collected from your users on your website.  

It sets out:

  • what information you'll collect
  • the use of website cookies
  • how you'll use customer's personal information
  • security and access to that information

How to use this document:

Simply purchase and download the document (Word format), then insert some basic details where shown to complete it.

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Satisfy your privacy obligations by letting your customers know how you’ll safeguard their personal information
— Ehsan Fallahi, Legal Counsel
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