Services Agreement

Why do you need one?

  • you need someone to provide services to your start-up; or
  • a start-up wants to engage your services

What does it cover?

This short, five-page Services Agreement covers the main terms normally agreed between a start-up and an independent contractor.

It covers:

  • how payments and expenses will be paid
  • rules governing the contractor’s employees and any sub-contractors
  • ownership of intellectual property and how it will be transferred to the start-up
  • rules around confidentiality
  • how the contract can be terminated and how disputes will be resolved
  • (for start-ups) an optional ‘non compete’ clause preventing a contractor from competing with your business

How to use this document:

Simply purchase and download the document (Word format), then insert some basic details where shown to complete it.

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Disputes between clients and contractors are common - minimise your risk and put it in writing with a Services Agreement.
— David Bushby, General Manager
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