Shareholders Agreement

Why do you need one?

  • you have created a new company to run your start-up
  • the company has more than one shareholder

What does it cover?

This short, four-page Shareholders Agreement covers a hand-full of essential rules for you and your fellow shareholders to follow, such as:

  • how a shareholder can sell their shares
  • who the initial directors will be
  • funding, bank accounts, voting and dividends
  • promotion of the business and confidentiality

It does not contain special rules for investors, vesting rights or different classes of shares. If you're not sure what you need, please contact us or your advisor.

How to use this document:

Simply purchase and download the document (Word format), then insert some basic details where shown to complete it.

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Knowing up front where you stand as a shareholder sets a solid foundation for your company.
— Ehsan Fallahi, Legal Counsel